Rent Free:


In the hollows, in the shadows, in the back room.

We commit our art, we tuck and bloom.

They say a man¡¯s gotta do what a man¡¯s gotta do.

But who pays the bills when you hear a different tune.


I¡¯m livin¡¯ Rent Free

Livin¡¯ on borrowed time

When they come to collect me

They¡¯ll find I haven¡¯t a dime.

No time to ease up

Got to forge ahead

Want to make a difference

Before I¡¯m dead.


There was a time

When widows wore weeds

For a year

Sadness expressed, released and at rest,

Never feared.

Oh, there is a notion, Nothing gets done without constant motion.


Dream Mountain:


She teaches dances, to the locals, every Saturday night.

Two step tilly, oh won¡¯t ya hold me, won¡¯t you hold me, hold me tight.

Twirls and spins, ain¡¯t got a care

Least that¡¯s the way it looks from here.

And she dares, yes she dares,

To take on, take on the stares.


And she goes up to Dream Mountain.

Yes she goes up, when ere she can.

She goes up to Dream Mountain.

Where she dreams that there¡¯ll be better days,

Watch them pass through a bourbon haze,

Ridin¡¯ on the wind, to Dream Mountain.


She hides her feelings oh so well,

Most folks ¡®round here could never tell.

But she sits alone and hits the gin,

After a few she speaks of him.

Something real, something fine,

Is what they shared.

Now go to sleep, feel the wine,

Ridin¡¯ on the wind, to Dream Mountain.


This life she¡¯s leading is killing her,

It takes some time to understand.

Don¡¯t let her heart tell her, stop believin¡¯

Look out over Eden, look out over, to Dream Mountain.



Who¡¯s Laughin¡¯ Now:


I need a new track,

I need a new train.

Down at the central,

They say I haven¡¯t got a brain.

Maybe I¡¯m crazy,

Or just plain blue,

But either way,

Baby look at you.

I¡¯ve got style, I know how to dress,

I am happy in this mess,

Who¡¯s laughin¡¯ now.


Some people say, that I¡¯m too old.

But I have hope and just one goal.

Gotta keep, moving and singing my song

I do nothin¡¯ all day long.

Don¡¯t think for a moment, that I give a damn,

What people say, I¡¯m what I am, Who¡¯s Laughin¡¯ Now.


  Not too, many years ago,

I was living¡¯ in a one room shack.

Now I¡¯m out runnin¡¯ fancy free,

Gee golly, will ya look at me.

Who¡¯s laughin¡¯ now.


Well, I¡¯ve been good and I¡¯ve been bad.

I know one fine thing I¡¯m the best you ever had.

I¡¯ve been down and I¡¯ve been true,

And I don¡¯t need to be rescued.

Don¡¯t think for a moment, that I give a damn,

What people say, I¡¯m what I am, Who¡¯s Laughin¡¯ Now.



Anything But Over:


My mind flashes through pictures,

Taken back in the time.

When you and I were together,

I was your¡¯s and you were mine,

That was back in the time.


Our laughter fills my memories,

How much joy can one heart hold.

I don¡¯t know which makes it harder,

Havin¡¯ those memories, or now my bed cold.


Lover, take me with you,

As you journey to the next.

Our time together was too short

The love we shared the best.

I will whisper sweet surrender,

As you whisper, sweet , love you¡¯s

Tell me once again your stories.

Say anything, Anything But Over.


Why do we give our love away,

To have it met with a wonderous day.

I wanted years and years with you,

Life give us everything, but only two.



One More Night:


All it takes is one false move to peel the years away,

No one heart can understand, or can stand to stay

So she cries, One More Night.

Yes, she cries, ya know she might.


She looks in the mirror,

Searchin¡¯ for something she knows.

The face staring back at her,

Is lined with the years and the blows.

So she cries, One More Night,

Yes, she cries, ya know she might.


Midnight¡¯s just about an hour away,

Life on this planet another day,

Strange new discoveries and mundane tasks,

Seek expression through the mask.


She¡¯s got no one to turn to,

She¡¯s used up all her friends.

Too many years of sad tales,

And where does it end.

So she cries, One More Night.

Yes, she cries, ya know she might.



Big Time:


Cruisin¡¯ with the top down on the boulevard,

Got my ¡®magination and my mastercard.

Watchin¡¯ pretty people and the golden lights,

Hopin¡¯ this maybe my magic night.

Well, lookin¡¯ like thunder and actin¡¯ like rain.

Don¡¯t stand in front of this movin¡¯ train.


Big Time

Lookin¡¯ for a Big Time.

Ya¡¯ gotta walk a fine line,

When you¡¯re lookin¡¯ for a Big Time.

Well, keep away from that lightenin¡¯ vine,

Big Time.


I ain¡¯t misbehavin¡¯ there¡¯s no need to be rude.

But I got this aggitation percolatin¡¯ and brewed.

You can ply me with liquor or give me your ring,

But I ain¡¯t sayin¡¯ nothin¡¯ ¡®cause I got this thing.

Don¡¯t have much money, so I gotta believe.

But I feel this burnin¡¯ achin¡¯ yearnin¡¯ down to my knees.

Big Time.


Cross over the valley, come down from the hill.

Come out from the waysides and give me a thrill.

Go ask Aunt Sally what happened to Bea,

She left one mornin¡¯ lookin¡¯ just like me

Big Time.



Softer Side:


I¡¯ve been kicked around, my fair share.

I¡¯ve kept on going even when I didn¡¯t care.

Not it seems the time to roll up the mat,

Put down the pen, push back the chair.

Let myself out take a dare,

Stroll down the street and breathe the fresh air


I¡¯m movin¡¯, I¡¯m movin¡¯

To the Softer Side.

Can¡¯t find the will to push and drive.

I¡¯m just lucky to be alive.

My eyes are open, but I let it slide.

I¡¯m movin¡¯ to the Softer Side.


Time does a funny thing,

Keeps on going on a wing,

And doesn¡¯t care that I couldn¡¯t keep up,

Stepped aside, dropped the ball,

Left the field, kicked the dust off my heels.

Oh if only, they say that¡¯ll make ya crazy,

Say next time, next time.




3 Shades of Mimosa:


Sunday¡¯s are for dreamin¡¯

Takin¡¯ life slow.

No worryin¡¯ ¡®bout tomorrow,

For that day will surely know.

I¡¯ve been lookin¡¯ forward to lazy,

And some time with nowhere to go.

How¡¯s about we take in a movie,

And get a bite at Moonshadows.


Three Shades of Mimosa

That¡¯s whre I wanna be.

I¡¯ll be, sippin¡¯ on some champange,

While I wile an hour or three.

Squeeze me up some OJ

And pour me down a brew,

I¡¯ll be three shades of mimosa

Before I¡¯m through.


Set the clock for Tuesday

And tuck the covers over my head.

I¡¯ve got a date with old Mr. Dreamland,

You can bet I¡¯ll find him in bed.

Pull the lawn chairs out of the closet,

We can read our books in the sun.

Take a walk, through the garden of angels,

And have a day of nothin¡¯ but fun.


Matter Of Time:


All of us hope

In the dark of this city.

Of makin¡¯ it big,

Before our thing¡¯s past.

But very few do,

And the rest of us hollow,

Must carry the torch,

Of what we¡¯ve begged, stole and borrowed.


All I can say,

Is it takes more than money

To keep us alive,

It takes heart, it takes cunning.

I would not boast,

Of this strength I¡¯ve been given.

I¡¯ve just carried the load,

Of this thing they call livin¡¯.


It¡¯s Just a Matter of Time,

Before we all see.

There are ways things could be,

To put light on the road.

But we struggle and strain,

We have not faced the truth,

How often we cry,

It¡¯s just a Matter of Time.




Last night in my dreams I flew to Paris

You see it¡¯s springtime there and I should be there too.

I walked down my old familiar street and wondered,

Should I take the time for breakfast and to read.

I found an English paper in the caf¨¦ on the corner,

And ordered from a chalkboard on the wall.

The faces all around me looked peaceful yet distracted,

As they sipped on cappacinos ate their berries, tried to stall.

No one was in a hurry, to rush off to the office,

For a moment in my dreams we saw the meaning of it all.


Take the time to go to Rio.

Brussels would be nice

For Easter or the Fall.

Yes, I¡¯ll meet you in Bonair for the weekend,

Did I tell you, we¡¯re having a ball.



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