Dream Mountain

Dream Mountain is the newest CD of my collection. Released in the fall of 2001, this CD was produced by Mark Segal and myself and we played all the instruments on it. This marks the first time EVER, I’ve attempted to solo on piano, (a mild attempt), and improv vocally, (again a mild attempt), but one I’m very pleased with.  I’ve definitely  grown on this recording. The songs for this CD are a mix of new songs, three of which were co-written with Mark Segal, and some older tunes of mine that people have requested recordings of.  The music ranges in style from my original blues tune “Big Time,” to  pop-folk-rock songs such as "Rent Free.” Of course I've included new classic Mary Ott style ballads in “Anything But Over” and “Three Shades of Mimosa” 


From My Room

From My Room was released in the fall of 1998. The recording was made with the help of a full live band that I took into the recording studio. These songs came from a much more introspective place. I spent the better part of four months, holed up in my room to write this one.   It’s been three years since it’s release and it is music has reached around the globe.  Thankfully, it’s a recording that has been very well received. I still love all of these songs.


Early Works

This is a compilation CD of some of my early recordings. It has songs on it from three different recording sessions, spanning the years, 1988-1994.  In 1988 I had just moved to LA and recorded a four song demo with a full live band. That session is on this CD. In 1992 I recorded my first full length album entitled ”Wanna Be World.” Selections from that recording are also this CD. Finally, I've included songs from my 1994 release, "Somebody."  It’s a full 74 minutes of early Mary Ott music. Some of the recordings are full band productions and some of them are very simple, more acoustic recordings.  You'll experience a wide range of musical styles in these early works!


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