I grew up in a beautiful part of Minnesota , right along the Mississippi .  I started taking piano lessons with my Dad at the age of 5, and starting taking guitar lessons at 7. After 2 weeks on the guitar, I got my very first paying gig.  I was hooked!!  All through grade school and High School I performed in choirs and various singing groups.  By the time I was 18 I was a working musician. I did weddings, club gigs, private events; you name it! I¡¯d go play there.
   I moved to Southern California to finish my college degree, and as soon as college was done I moved to Los Angeles to test the waters of a real career in music.
   People always ask me, what kind of music do you do? And it¡¯s a valid question. I was a kid in the 70¡¯s and I grew up in a small town.  I was completely influenced by radio. I listened to all the singer/songwriters that were making great music then such as Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, Crosby , Stills, Nash and Young, and all the usual suspects. So I guess I¡¯d have to say I¡¯m kind of a throw back to those times and influences. I write what I feel, what¡¯s happening in my life, and the lives of my friends or family.  Nowadays, I guess you¡¯d call it pop-folk-rock.  I call it GOOD music.
   In 1998 I released my CD called ¡°From My Room¡± and started this website. These past few years I have been touring all over California , doing fairs, festivals, wineries, and private events. It¡¯s been a great time. I¡¯ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people out there ¡°on the road¡±. So many good things have happened since the release of the ¡°From My Room¡± CD. That CD really has taken my music around the world for me. It¡¯s thrilling to get e-mails from Finland and Spain and all parts in between saying ¡°love your music!¡±
  In 2001, I released my second CD ¡° Dream Mountain ¡±. For this CD I was completely lucky to work with an amazing young songwriter/producer named Mark Segal. The benefits of that collaboration can be seen and heard on this recording. Currently I¡¯m taking a break from touring to record my next CD, which is scheduled to be released this summer (2006).    
  Some exciting web opportunities are now available to me and for my listeners. You will soon be able to find all of my music online and ready for download to your MP3 players at all major music sites including: iTunes, Rhapsody, and Broadjam, to name a few.
   Check back here often for updates and thanks for dropping in!
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